we are a proud
External service organisation (ESO)

Our ‘Mission’ is to provide assistance to ALL current and former military service personnel that may have welfare issues.

The Chapter has a well-established system, which offers access to post service advice, Information on entitlements, and a helping hand with preparing claims.

We are here to assist all Veterans from all three branches of the armed services.

Interested in becoming a member of
the chapter

  • Must have a registered and comprehensively insured, Chapter approved motorcycle.
  • Must be male and have served in the Australian Defence Force (ADF) or equivalent allied foreign force and have been awarded the Australian Active Service Medal (AASM), Australian Service Medal (ASM), Operational Service Medal for Defence Overseas/Offshore Service (OSM) or allied foreign force equivalent. (Updated 6 Jul ’22)
  • Must have proof of service (Record of Service) or equivalent, if offered a membership to the Chapter, records will be checked.
  • Must be prepared to undergo a none too short Prospect and Nomination period
  • Prospects and Nominees will be required to demonstrate dedication and commitment to the Chapter. Rank and previous Service history holds no weight in the progression towards earning a full patch.
  • Don't ride? Become a Supporter or Social Member
  • We meet every Friday at the ‘The Garrison Bar” home of the Townsville Chapter for a beer and a BBQ
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