All past and present serving servicemen and women, their families and all members of the general public are welcome to visit us at the Chapter clubrooms and The Garrison Bar, which is also known affectionately as ‘The Garro’. A place to relax, share your stories and have a bite to eat. ‘The Garro’ is a place in Townsville where people can talk freely with other likeminded people interested in service life and the motorcycle lifestyle.

The Vietnam Veterans & Veterans Motorcycle Club was formed back in the early 1990’s when Veterans returning from service after the war in Vietnam, found their lives forever changed by their service. They were looking for the camaraderie they experienced whilst on Military Service in Vietnam, the Club was formed and today has over 30 Chapters around Australia. Membership consists of Military Veterans who served in all of three Services and served in conflicts from the War in Vietnam onwards.

We are honoured to have our colours on display at the Australian War Memorial. We are recognised by The Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) as an External Service Organisation (ESO). Our membership comprises Veterans from all 3 services and Club Supporters from all walks of life. We feel it our duty to assist our fellow Veterans that may be in need.

‘The Garro’ is considered sanctuary for ALL Veterans, their family, friends and members of the general public. Everyone attending our clubrooms have the right to feel relaxed and safe whilst guests of the Townsville Chapter.

Our ‘Mission’ is to provide assistance to ALL current and former military service personnel that may have welfare issues.

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In the beginning

The Vietnam Veterans & Veterans MC was formed back in the mid 1990’s when many Veterans returning from service in Vietnam found their lives forever changed by their service.












Chapter was formed

In 2001 The Vietnam Veterans & Veterans Motorcycle Club - Townsville Chapter was formed.